Know Why You Should Never Sleep with Wet Hair


Many of us, owing to our hectic schedule, sometimes tend to avoid the hustle of washing hair in the daytime and choose to do it at night.

However, washing hair and crashing in the bed without getting it dried causes immense problems for your hair.

As long as you get your hair dried, no qualms. But leaving it wet and going to sleep is an absolute no-no.

Here are the side effects of sleeping with wet hair:

  1. Hair breakage: Our hair follicles are weakest when they are wet. While you are sleeping with wet hair, the natural oils and water get absorbed into the pillow and leaves your hair dehydrated, dull, and moisture less. This combination makes your hair brittle and you may experience hair fall and dry, frizzy texture.
  2. Fungal infections: The chances of getting fungal, bacterial growth is high if you sleep with wet hair. The heat in your body and the wetness in your scalp combined together become the ideal breeding ground for such growth.
  3. Dandruff: Sleeping with wet hair makes the hair dry over time, causing the natural oil producing capacity of the hair to stop. And due to the damp texture, bacterial growth adds to your woes. Your scalp becomes flaky filled with dandruff.
  4. Acne: Once you start experiencing dandruff, it is natural to get acne breakouts. As you are sleeping with wet hair on the pillow, your face is touching the pillow too. So, the dandruff, the bacteria are getting spilled over to your face and affecting it’s well-being in turn. Scalp ringworms are highly contagious too.
  5. Makes you prone to catch cold: The water in the hair seeps into your body when left wet over a long period of time. As a result, the dampness lowers your body temperature, and makes you prone to catch cold, flu, virus. Your immune system gets compromised.

However, there are things you can do to protect the wet hair from damage:

  1. Apply a conditioner to lock the hair cuticles. It will prevent your hair from getting tangled, lessen the friction, and prevent damage.
  2. Try to opt for a silk pillow cover for the same above-mentioned reason. The silk texture reduces friction and is suitable for the hair.
  3. Coconut oil prevents wet hair from being brittle. Oil reduces water absorption, so wet hair will be less prone to damage. Massage the oil well before going to bed. A little word of caution- don’t follow this if you have seborrheic eczema.